6 Trends You Need to Understand to Have an Effective Workplace

by Robert Warren Hess

Technology is rapidly changing the tools available to the workplace. Generation Z has now joined the previous generations in the workplace and they have their own expectations for how they expect to communicate and collaborate as they work.

Most organizations have a legacy technology system that is being modified bit-by-bit as employees bring new apps into their official or unofficial workflow processes.

It’s easy to get caught up in adopting the latest communication tool, such as Slack. But, how do these tools fit with your overall organization communication and collaboration plan? Do you have one?

Meghan M. Biro, Founder & CEO of Talent Culture and international thought leader in the future of work has written an excellent paper on the biggest factors you need to know in building digital workplaces that provide a truly differentiated employee experience.

What’s inside her paper:

  • Discover a better way of working – one that addresses the needs and behaviors of a new world of work.
  • Learn the six key pillars all digital workplace solutions should be built upon.
  • Read about two real-world examples of highly successful digital workplaces.

Click on the image in the right column and download the whitepaper.

Next Step: Develop a Collaboration Map

Once you’ve read the paper, grab a clean sheet of paper and do the following …

  • Draw a circle for each of your most important workgroups
  • Note where they are physically – workspace, time zone, country [are they time shifting?]
  • Note how they currently like to communicate
  • List the information they are sharing and accessing
  • Ask your IT team what problems they are having or what tools they’ve been requesting
  • Do a simple online survey with your most important team to see what issues they are experiencing

With this data in hand, you can create a rough schematic showing how your organization works digitally and what collaboration roadblocks may be hampering them.

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