The Software Product Canvas . . .

. . . The Key to Making Your Brilliant Software Idea a Reality

You’ve come up with a great idea for a new software product. Fantastic! You’ve done a pretty thorough Internet search for competition and nothing raised its ugly head. Even better! But, are you certain? Every investor knows that when they hear “there is no competition” it invariably means not enough research was done.

Before you invest a significant portion of your life in a project it’s crucial to know if there is a sufficiently large addressable market and if there is a profitable segment of that market for whom your software will be a “must have.”

Sundaram Applied Technologies created a simple and elegant process for vetting your idea against your target user group and taking an initial crack at estimating revenue. Whatever you do, don’t just create an MBA hockey stick growth curve and call it a day.  Investors won’t believe it and it will give you a false sense of the actual opportunity.

You can download a pdf of the Software Product canvas by clicking the following link or the image below – Sundaram Applied Technologies Sofware Product Canvas.

Software Product Canvas

Prem Sundaram

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