25 Proven Sales Email Templates

There’s nothing more challenging and time-consuming in sales than crafting the right introduction or response email. And wouldn’t we all love to have a simple, proven sales email template that works every time?

Sadly, there isn’t one email template that works for all occasions. The interaction context varies along with your objective. But one of my clients has been using Hubspot for the past four years and we have found their marketing blog to be practical and valuable.

I’ve posted a link below to a recent Hubspot post that provides 25 insightful templates divided into three categories: First Touch, Follow Up, and Break Up. What? A breakup email that gets a 33% response rate?

These templates were provided by experts from Sandler Training, breakthrough email, and Speakeasy.co. They show both the email text and the context of the email.

If email marketing is important to your business, I recommend you grab a cup of coffee and work through this material.

Simply click the link below . . .

25 Proven Sales Email Templates

picture of Success Foundry CEO Robert Hess