Cap Table Woes

//Cap Table Woes

Cap Table Woes

How to Manage Your Capitalization Table

Equity is hugely important to start-ups. It lets you bring great people to your team and acquire angel and venture investments.

Most startups try and manage their equity using Microsoft Excel. Don’t do this!

Trying to manage your equity this way will cost you hours and hours of wasted time and effort. There are a number of web-based options but I recommend that you visit and demo their application. This is a great company and their software is very easy to use. It rescued one of my clients from a very messy Excel problem.

I’m more than happy to share my personal experience with you. Simply click one of the widget icons on the right side of your screen and I’m happy to do a 15-minute call if I’m available.

Wishing you great success with your venture!


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